We are pioneers in the field of Abortion Counseling and take pride in our early recognition of the vital role that good counseling plays in emotional and physical recovery of abortion patients.

Counseling is a discussion of the feelings and concerns expressed by you, our patient, which may include help with decision making and contraceptive choices, values clarification, and medical education about the medical and surgical procedure.

Female counselors, trained in women’s health and crisis intervention will answer all questions and discuss any personal issues determining a patient’s decision. Parental or spousal consent is never required. You are assured that your privacy is completely guarded and the physicians and their assistants maintain strict and total confidentiality.

During the counseling session, we will tell you all about the risks, benefits and possible complications of abortion. We make sure that you understand your decision, that your decision is uncoerced; and that you are prepared to have an abortion.

We also try to dissolve many of the myths surrounding abortion, including many falsified descriptions of emotional turpitude after an abortion, such as “post-abortion syndrome”.

We tell you about the particular clinical procedure, about what you should do after the procedure, and during the recovery period.

We believe in using anesthesia, analgesia or anxiolysis to provide comfort during the abortion procedure for any patient in which the benefits outweigh the risks. We also recognize that each patient’s comfort and reduced anxiety depend not only on pharmacologic measures, but are significantly affected by good counseling and by our supportive staff.

We focus on providing a safe, clean and gentle environment which will facilitate each patient’s ease both before during and after the clinical procedure.


As of March 2016, every state, including New York State, requires that a patient consent before undergoing medical treatment and that the consent be informed.  Informed consent means: a patient must have the capacity to decide about her own care; her decision must be voluntary; a patient must receive adequate and appropriate information.

The Guttmacher Institute does a wonderful job of outlining how different states dictate “adequate and appropriate information”. 

Some states attempt to bias the counseling so as to promote and anti-abortion agenda. New York does not. Here in the Bronx we are are not required to include inaccurate information about the non-existent link between abortion and cancer, abortion and fertility, or the statistically unverifiable risk of post-abortion emotional trauma.



During our counseling sessions, we do encourage you to think about birth control.

Our female counselors can discuss birth control with you in a relaxed and comfortable setting. New York is one of the 19 states that seeks to enact expanded insurance coverage for contraceptive care. You will be given up to date information about extended insurance coverage for over the counter and in-clinic contraceptive methods.

You will be given up to date information regarding all of the different birth control methods:

  • condoms,
  • birth control pills
  • patches,
  • IUD,
  • diaphragms,
  • vaginal contraceptive rings,
  • Norplant,
  • Depo-Provera shots.

We also provide information about permanent birth control: tubal ligation, non-operative Essureare — if you no longer want the risk of child bearing.

Staff is Awesome

Staff is awesome. Place is good and clean. Very supportive environment. I would definitely recommend if necessary

Elaine Evans
“I couldn’t be more happy”

All the nurses and doctors in here are absolutely amazing I couldn’t be more happy with the way they helped me ... i have to say I’m impressed

Cherokee Mcleod
Nice and Comforting

3 months ago I came in and they made me feel so welcomed. It was great service. The people was so nice and comforting. I would highly recommend it !

Ciara Colon
“They treated me really nice with respect and no judgment.”

Today I visited this office everybody was really nice and pleasant. I would recommend this place to anyone I know. They treated me really nice with respect and no judgment.

Madeline Pozo
“Wonderful place. Great staff.”

Wonderful place. Great staff. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend!

Diana Jimenez
” I was very surprised at just how kind and caring the administration and staff was …”

A few weeks ago I was seen at this office. I was very surprised at just how kind and caring the administration and staff was to myself and the other women. The facility was clean and easily accessible by subway or bus. They have early Saturday services and are very accommodating to women's needs. They were very informative as to what I should expect from the time you walk through the doors, til your discharged and up until your follow up exam. I would absolutely refer a friend to this establishment for prompt and discreet services.

Kayla Patterson
“Very helpful and so nice”

They very helpful and so nice I love them I recommend 100%

Deslie Urena
Lorraine Lee

Based on my experience at Gyn Mngt. Services is that it is a very clean and very friendly and professional environment. The staff were very nice the nurses were very caring and compassionate. I was treated with dignity and respect throughout the whole process. The staff handled me with a caring touch and everything was done discreetly. First arriving I was nervous but they made sure I was comfortable. One woman even went out her way to dispatch a taxi to get me home safely, the caring didn't just stop after the procedure. I was given a call to schedule in my follow up exam. I was pleased to learn that I could return right back to GYNS management services for said follow up which was included in the initial fee for services.

Lorraine Lee