Teens Welcome – No Parental Consent Needed


Our New York Abortion Office is an accredited provider of first trimester (up to 12 weeks) and second trimester (from 12 weeks to 24 weeks) abortions. Teens do not need parental consent. A wife does not need the consent of her husband. Our low fee includes:

  • Sonogram
  • Lab Work
  • Abortion Counseling
  • Twilight Anesthesia
  • Post Surgical Medications
  • Free Follow Up
  • 24 Hour Patient Hotline


Parental or spousal consent is never required. All patients are assured that their privacy is completely guarded and the physicians and their assistants maintain strict and total confidentiality.


Once we determine how long you have been pregnant, you will meet with a trained female counselor who will discuss your surgical abortion, and make sure you are comfortable with your decision to have an abortion.

She will also tell you about your anesthesia, stress the importance of gentle postoperative care, and offer birth control options.

All our nursing staff contribute to the gentle, supportive acceptance you will feel in our Bronx office.


Female counselors, trained in women’s health and crisis intervention will answer all questions and discuss any personal issues determining a patient’s decision.

A teen who deciding whether or not  to have an abortion is usually influenced by her financial situation, her family, her peers, and her commitment to personal or professional goals.

According to the Guttmacher institute most teens discover that pregnancy radically interrupts their  life, their educational plans, and their future earning potential.

Teen motherhood often means that both you and your child will grow up poor.

In comparison, teens who choose abortion are more successful in school and are more likely to graduate and pursue higher education.

Teen Abortion Statistics
  • The majority of abortions occur in teens and younger women. The younger a teen is when she gets pregnant, the more likely she is to seek an abortion.
  • A little over half of teens will have sex before graduating high school.
  • Teens having unprotected sex have a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within a year, and sexually active teens may also become pregnant when birth control fails
  • 1 in 3 women get pregnant before age 20.
  • About 750,000 teens get pregnant each year. Two-thirds of these pregnancies, however, are 18 and 19 year olds, who may or may not be married.
  • About one third of teens who get pregnant seek an abortion.
  • Currently, 24 of every 1,000 teens has an abortion. This means that over 200,000 teens get an abortion every year.
  • About 80% of women who get abortions are single.
  • Though reporting of abortions by race is imperfect, it appears that abortion rates are higher among blacks than whites, and somewhat lower among Hispanics than whites, according to data from the CDC.
  • Teen abortion statistic rates are highest in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Nevada and Washington D.C.

From Teen Pregnancy Statistics 

Teenage Abortion: Testimonials

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